Rear standard – Seneca Improved View 8×10


Disassembly of the rear standard has begun!  I have removed most of the present hardware from the box.  I say “present” because, it turns out, there are parts missing.  The swiveling, hanging level indicator and its cage are gone, and the bellows guides (part of what makes this the “Improved” model) are missing.  I’ll leave the mounting holes intact for the guides in case I ever find some (they’re on the inside of the box); the holes for the level are getting filled.
One of the frustrating things about working on Seneca wooden field cameras is that the rear box is riveted to the posts.  In order to remove the box for work, you have to grind the peened heads off the rivets and drive them out.  A dremel is the tool of choice here. 




I need to decide if I want to cut the rivets down, drill, and tap them so I can use them to reassemble, or whether I want to use a 3/16″ aluminum binding post like I did on the Competitor.  There’s a slight difference in color and profile, but unless you’re looking for it, you’d never see it.  


I’ve decided I’m taking the hardware off the box only to refinish.  Going to leave the swinging base assembly alone – a little dusty, but doesn’t need refinishing or repair…
Update: The box is removed, holes filled, and the lacquer is coming off.  I’m not in a rush on this part (since I have no more Tarn-X, anyway…), so I’m overdoing the finishing on this piece.

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