Rear standard, finishing bits – Seneca Improved View 8×10

Well, the box is back together.  I rubbed out the finish this morning after lots of spraying last night.  My Tarn-X, though, wasn’t cutting it anymore (literally), so I side-tripped to Redner’s this morning to replace it.


Instead of Tarn-X, though, I came home with Weiman’s Tarnish Remover.  Same thiourea formulation, a couple bucks cheaper.  And it worked a treat.  Cleaned all the hardware, washed and dried it carefully, and reinstalled it.  Looks wonderful.

Now, in order to complete the rear standard assembly, I need to mount the box in the posts.  As I said before, there are two choices here: Tap and thread the original rivets, or replace them with threaded binding posts.  The binding posts are cheap, and a very quick solution.  And that may be the direction I go.  But, for now, I think that the nickeling has a warmer look than the polished aluminum, and the rivets have a distinctive bevel on the edge that the binding posts don’t.  So, I’m off to Ace to find a tap and thread and matching bolts.  I need to refill the propane tank for the grill, anyway.  Killing two birds with one stone?  Good


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