Lensboards, final fitting and first drilling – Seneca Improved View 8×10

After quite a bit of head scratching and test cutting, I got the lensboards fitted to the standard this evening.


It’s a weird design, and I’d love to see an original board sometime. There are two rabbet depths on these boards – along the top and bottom, you end up with a 3/16″ or so tenon, and along the sides about a 1/8″ tenon. Makes for a snug fit, and seems very secure. Just an odd design.


I drilled the first board to fit the 18″ Wray Process Lustrar f/10 lens which, foreseeably, will be the standard lens for this camera. It’s a tight fit, and I can thread it on with about half the threads. Part of me wants to takes some 220 grit paper to the periphery of the hole and make it thread farther; thankfully, I’ve learned when to leave well enough alone. It’s very solid, so I’m moving on to the black lacquer spraying tonight.


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