First board finished, lens installed – Seneca Improved View 8×10

Here’s the finished board, lens installed:

The lens, an 18″ Wray Process Lustrar f/10 lens, is casting a nice image on the ground glass, even with no bellows.  The thin layer of paste wax on the threaded wood allowed the Wray to thread all the way down on the board.  It’s now a permanent installation, so far as I’m concerned.

And, after some discussion on, I think I’m going to play with the finishing schedule on the next ones.  I think I’ll lay down a couple coats of dewaxed shellac as a sealer, level it with sandpaper, spray the black, then topcoat with shellac.  A little more work, and a little slower to dry, but I think the result will be worth it. I’m not too pleased with the finish on this particular board, but, considering how beaten and scarred the Wray is, I think it fits.


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