New project – Late Seneca View 8×10

This new toy arrived upon my doorstep today:


A late Seneca View 8×10. Forgive the poor digi-snap. This appears to be one of the later models (though PierceVaubel gives the dates of manufacture as 1901-1905); the lensboard retaining hardware is identical to that on the Improved View, which succeeded this model.

Geared front rise/fall, geared rear tilt and swing. Mahogany and cherry. Brass fittings. What’s not to love? This camera is in startlingly good shape. The wood needs very little in the way of finish renewal. It needs a new extension rail (McMaster-Carr, here I come!). The brass is in horrendous shape, but Flitz and a Dremel pad make short work of it:


And, of course, it needs a new bellows-by-Sandeha. We’re in discussions on color already.

Unfortunately, this is going to have to sit painfully on the back burner for a bit. I’m midway through a lensboard/adapter commission, and have my son’s bokken taking priority. Soon, though…


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