Deardorff lensboard progress

I’ve been working on a commission for four one-piece mahogany lensboards for a Deardorff 8×10.  These are 6×6 boards, rounded corners.  The client sent along some ‘Dorff accessories to aid in fitting and color matching.

Woodworking on the four boards is nearly complete (I have yet to rout a rebate on the back of one of the boards), and all have been drilled to the required diameters.  After a little playing with colors today, I think I nailed the original Deardorff mahogany color:


When the stain has cured overnight, I’ll start spraying lacquer. Lacquer dries very fast; I’ll spray three or four coats and see what the depth and color look like. With the clear finish, the stained boards should be a perfect match for the original finish.

Also on this order is a Deardorff-to-Technika lensboard adapter. The wood’s been planed and is being allowed to “rest” to make sure any internal stress is relieved, then milling will commence. The board will be four strips of the same mahogany, half-lapped at the corners.


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