Lensboard Adapter – Technika board fitting


After allowing the polyurethane glue to cure fully, the board is sized to final dimensions.  I then rout the rebate along the back side and round the corners to fit the Deardorff front standard.

Layout for the Tech board shows that the top and sides have a 1/4″ x 1/16″ rebate; the bottom edge width is 5/16″.  Routing with a rabbeting bit leaves round corners; the top two are squared, and the bottom two are angled to mate with the Tech board profile.  I the past, I’ve also squared these edges, but that decision lies with the customer.

Once the Tech board fits properly, the rebate needs to be relieved to accept the circular light trap on the back of the Tech board.  I lay out the curve and strike the edges using a #5 sweep chisel.  Excavation is with a 1/4″ Ashley Iles. The final configuration looks like this:


All that’s left is some clean-up of the rebate, some final sanding, and then finishing. While the finish coats are curing, I’ll fabricate the hardware.


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