Seneca View 8×10 – Back (re)finishing

After finishing work on the ground glass frame, I move to the back itself.  Remember, the back started out looking like this:

Stripped of hardware, I have the bare back:

The end strip on the back is apparently applied rather than integral to the rail. On this back it had come loose:

A little Titebond applied with a toothpick fixed that. The refinishing proceeded as before – scrub with 0000 steel wool soaked in lacquer thinner, wipe, spray new lacquer. With the back, though, I tape off the shelf the film holder rests against. My thinking here is that the original finish there has been worn smooth with time and use; to apply new finish would create a tacky layer that would inhibit smooth insertion and removal of holders.

While the lacquer dries, I turn to the hardware. The brass is buffed with a Dremel and Flitz; the rusty steel mounting screws for the ground glass frame are soaked in CLR.

Cleaned brass is lacquered; mounting screws are scrubbed and dried. After everything is cured, I reassemble the back. Cleaned up, it looks fine.

Next step: Grinding down the peened rivets holding the side to the posts. That’ll be tomorrow…


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