Home-made lens hood…

I needed a hood for the Neretta, my home-made 4×5 hyperfocal point-and-shoot:


Hacked a Series VI hood last night, and while it might work, it’s efficacy is definitely diminished.  Needed something better, ’cause the Optar likes to flare.  Couldn’t find a reasonable wide angle hood anywhere, and I wanted to avoid buying multiple adapters to stack to get me a hood.  What to do?

So, I got to thinking.  Looked around at foam cups and such, but nothing had the right profile.  Then I dug through the recycle bin.


The top looked like it might work.  I cut it off.


I thought I could make an opening in the top that nests behind the Series VI adapter and glue it in place with some hot melt.  So, I started trimming.


That looked about right.  Tested it with the adapter, and it’s a nice fit.  But clear obviously wasn’t going to work.  Dug out the multi-surface flat black spray paint.


A few more coats of paint, and a few on the outside, finished the hood. Hot melt glue is easy; attaching the hood to the Series VI adapter was a matter of injecting lots of glue.

The hood, finished and in place:


To do it again, I’d reverse the order of the cutting, and use a bandsaw to make the cuts smoother. But, for twenty minute’s work, I have a usable hood that doesn’t vignette at all!


3 thoughts on “Home-made lens hood…

    • I sized mine a little different from Sandeha’s because I wanted to use a Graflock back I already had. The back makes the camera look a little funky, and adds a bit of weight to it, but is very convenient, and the ground glass makes determining focus very easy. Also makes using a Grafmatic magazine easy, too…

  1. Thanks for the info. I was planning on getting a Graflock back simply for the sake of convenience. I’m also using a different lens than a 90mm, as well as a helical focus mount. Just like yours, the dimensions of my Neretta will be different from Sandeha’s too.

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