Retrofitting a spring back, revisited…

A few years ago, I retrofitted a spring back to an old plate camera:

Spring back

The camera was an Indian plate cam, and the back, made of quartersawn sycamore, effectively converted the odd plate size to 5×12 film (a complete run-down on the conversion is available on The work was precise, but not too terribly difficult, aside from some delicate joinery.

I’m suddenly interested in this project again because I recently “won” an auction on eBay for what appears to be an Asanuma half plate cam, which the previous owner had tried to convert (unsuccessfully) to 4×5.  He’d screwed a Graflex spring back directly to the back of the camera, which was/is missing the original back:


Asanuma back

Now, the Indian-made plate cam was a copy of an English design, and so is this Japanese-made Asanuma.  I’m pretty sure that a back retrofit will be similar, which will make for a fun project.

Tracking shows the camera shipped yesterday.  Can’t wait for it to arrive.  Stay tuned…


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