Asanuma project camera – front standard disassembly

First order of business – separate the bellows from the front standard. These bellows wewre glued in place. I applied some xylene to the seam with a Q-Tip in hopes of softening the adhesive.

This only slightly worked. I’d guess the glue was water-based rather than solvent-based. Water may’ve worked better.

I separated the bellows with a razor blade, but left part of the first fold in place (unintentionally):

Removal of the lens standard was an exercise in screw removal and gently easing the locking screws through their mounting holes. The side clips on the standard are screwed from the side and front; reinstalling will require threading the locking screws into the standard bracket, then screwing the lens standard in while in place. Should require three or four hands to do.

Regardless, the lens standard and hardware are now removed, ready for cleaning:


One thought on “Asanuma project camera – front standard disassembly

  1. Looking good. I would have thought some kind of hide glue to be likeliest on something that age, in which case gentle heat and a bit of water should have worked pretty well. But it seems to have come off fairly cleanly anyway.

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