Asanuma project camera – front standard (re)finishing

After removal of the lens standard from the front standard assembly, I scrub the lacquer with lacquer thinner and 0000 steel wool, followed by several wipings with paper towels soaked in lacquer thinner. Once dry, the wood gets a bath in cherry-colored TransTint dye and several coats of sprayed gloss lacquer. The nickeled metal is polished with Flitz and a Dremel felt wheel; the steel parts are sanded and sprayed with satin black Rustoleum enamel.

With the lens standard completed, I turn to the front standard itself. Four screws hold it to the base:


Hardware is removed and set aside for polishing:


As before, the wood is scrubbed, wiped, and sprayed:


Some of the nickeled hardware is worn heavily, and even gentle polishing by hand reveals some underlying brass. As I don’t plan on letting this camera sit on a shelf, I’m not interested in polishing all the nickel to brass, though this is an option. Instead, after the lacquer is cured, I reassemble the front standard:


With this portion finished, I need yet to disassemble the base, remove and strip the rear box, and fabricate the new back. I think the rear box will be next – disassembly of the base will require filing peened heads on the focus shafts. I’m not eager to start that part yet…


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