Asanuma project camera – mystery lines…

After disassembly of the rear standard, I did my usual solvent scrub with 0000 steel wool. The protocol is the same as always; I won’t repeat it here. However, after scrubbing away the grime and age from the wood, some small lines became apparent:

Scribe marks...

Now, I know what these are from years of hand cutting joinery, but it may not be apparent to everyone, and some may think they’re actually a bad thing, or indicative of abuse or sloppy manufacture. The lines, noted above with the blue arrows, are scribe lines made by a marking gauge when laying out the mortise for the inlaid brass corners. The lines are scribed on the wood to define the edges of the area into which the brass will be inlaid (a “mortise”). Then chisels are used to remove the material in the mortise, allowing the brass to sit flush to the surface.

In other words, this inlay wasn’t made using CNC or a router; a skilled workman used handwork to make the cuts. It’s indicative of a hand-made piece. Now, not all handwork is created equal, but on this camera the joints are tight and the quality is impeccable. All good.


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