Asanuma project camera – 4×5 insert, oiled

I’ve applied about four coats of tung oil “finish” (a mix of tung oil, most likely polymerized, and varnish) to the cherry on the 4×5 insert.


I’ll let this cure a while, then tape off the film holder recess and spray the rest with lacquer. The underside of the insert will be sprayed flat black. Ground glass retain clips (Tansu screen corners) are on order – once the glass is installed, this insert is finished! I’m pleased with how this project is turning out. It should prove very functional.

Next task: Create some form of tripod mount for the camera. This will be either a round base plate mounted to the existing spider on the camera’s underside, or a mahogany “roundel”, made to fit the hole in the camera’s base.


One thought on “Asanuma project camera – 4×5 insert, oiled

  1. A soul mate!! 🙂 Great project, fantastic precision. I will definitely be following it. I am just starting my own project of building a 4×5″, starting from scratch though. It’s also blogged in case you would be interested or could give some hints on the construction ( . However, it’s still on the early planning level. I am waiting for a brand new bellows now shipped from Hong Kong 🙂 After receipt I will start the 3D model.

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