Asanuma project camera – base plate ponderings

Well, now that the back is essentially done, I’m left to figure out a base plate design. I’m torn between two basic designs – one leaves the camera intact, one permanently alters the original configuration. Ideally, I think I’d like to fill the base hole with a mahogany “roundel” into which I’d install a tripod mount. But I’d need to rout a larger rebate around the inside of the hole in order to make a mating piece of hardwood. Unfortunately, I’d have to file through peened parts on the base in order to have a flat field for the router base to ride on. Or, I can make a plate to extend the height of the base over the hardware, adding additional work, opportunity for error, and material waste.

Alternatively, I can build a plate that mounts to the bottom of the existing base with three mounting bolts through the existing spider assembly. This adds weight to the camera, extends the thickness of the folded camera, and leaves little metal protrusions on the bottom that will, inevitably, scratch the bejeebers out of our new kitchen table. Not good.

I’d like to keep the camera’s original configuration intact, but would like the permanent, lighter solution to be more easily implemented. Hmm – decisions…


One thought on “Asanuma project camera – base plate ponderings

  1. Okay, in a moment of clarity, I realized I could make the roundel larger than the opening and use appropriately-sized bearings on the rabbeting bit to create the stepped profile necessary to fit the base and it’s small rebate. I’m sketching out the profile to cypher the dimensions; a scan will be forthcoming…

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