Asanuma project camera – base plate plan

I’ve decided to make the roundel and fill in the hole in the base of the camera. Required a little sketching to make sure I could visualize what needed to be done:


Essentially, I’ll make a round work piece 6-1/2″ in diameter (actually, just a hair less). I’ll do this in 1/2″ mahogany, and cut the circle with a circle cutting jig on the bandsaw. Then I’ll use appropriately-sized bearings on the rabbeting bit to rout the needed profile – first with a 3/8″ cut, then with a 1/4″ cut. Flip the thing over, rout a 1/4″ roundover along the edges, drill the hole for the thread insert tripod mount, and it’ll be ready for finish and gluing.

I’ll plane the mahogany to thickness this afternoon, and if I can tolerate the cold (yuck), I’ll set up a rudimentary circle cutting jig and cut out the roundel. Routing the composite profile will be tomorrow.


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