Asanuma project camera – “The hardest part…”

Tom Petty bemoaned the waiting. I’m right there.


So sits the nekkid Asanuma, with the 4×5 insert in place. Sandeha is working on the bellows, and sounds like they’re moving forward swimmingly. I can’t wait to see the bright red fabric against this old beauty. And finally get to take it out in the field – I’m going straight to the lil’ waterfall down the road when it’s done. But the waiting is killing me!

Honestly, the turn around on this is beyond reasonable, bordering on downright speedy. But my motto’s always been that instant gratification isn’t fast enough. So I sit, staring at the nekkid camera, imagining the bellows in place. Sandhea is sending progress pictures when he’s into assembly mode; I can’t wait!


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