Asanuma project camera – bellows update *With Photos!*

I received some photos from Sandeha today, and I’m excited to post them now:



In that second photo, you can see one of Sandeha’s 6×6 bellows for comparison. They look spectacular, and are going to shine on the Asanuma! He’s hoping to post them Monday; with any good grace I may have them by the end of the week. I’ll be heading out for Pliobond forthwith.

As an outlet for my anticipatory glee today, I milled a lensboard for my 210/5.6 Sironar-N MC. Made from some very aged cherry, it turns out the small little boards are fairly straight-forward to make. If thicknessed appropriately (right around 3/16″ thick), there’s no light trap rebate necessary. Drilled a countersink on the back, lacquered it, and mounted the lens. I’ll add photos soon…

Here’s the camera with newly-minted cherry lensboard and Sironar-N MC attached:

Picture it with the above bellows. Sweeeeet


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