Seneca View 8×10 – sourcing a gear rack *UPDATE*

A special box arrived on the doorstep today. Containing the parts from an old Seneca Improved 5×7, it had two gear racks included which, on inspection and testing, proved compatible with the ones on the Seneca View 8×10! We’re in business! The generous seller included what amounts to about 90% of a complete camera – plenty of parts to keep me in projects for a while. To wit: The Competitor 5×7 is giving up the ghost. While there’s no compatible part to repair what ails it, there is the complete woodwork for a new 5×7 back. I’ll likely use the ground glass frame, the most demanding part to make, and assemble a new 5×7 back for the Seneca View. You know – in all my spare time.

I’ve already trolled the woodpile and found what looks like a suitable 8/4 board of seasoned cherry to make the new rail from. Will look wonderful and be plenty strong. There’s quite a bit of engineering to do on the new rail, and some hardware to be sourced at Ace (or Lee Valley), but the hardest part of this project – the gear rack – is tucked safely away in the spare bedroom, just waiting its turn…


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