10×12 Project camera – new project!

Well, after completing the Asanuma 4×5 project, I haven’t done much in the garage. I have a few other little projects going on, mostly for other people, but haven’t had two minutes to work on any of it. So, today, I picked up a new project for myself, regardless (photos by the seller):





It is, according to piercevaubel.com, a Star Camera Company 10×12 view camera. Needs a new bellows, natch, and some clean-up and minor fixin’. But it has this cool tambour front rise, and plenty of draw. And it came with three DDS’s! I already sourced some film for it, and once I make some stops, my Euryscop IV #3 should cover the format fine.

Now, if you’ve been following along, I also have the Seneca 8×10 project that’s waiting on me. And truth be told, the 10×12 will have to wait, too, until work on other people’s stuff is complete. But it’s 10×12, fer cryin’ out loud! How cool is that?!

Now it’s a waiting game. S’posed to ship tomorrow. Fingers crossed for quick delivery!


1 thought on “10×12 Project camera – new project!

  1. Hey,
    cool Scott ! 😀
    Saw the ad on LFF, looks interesting.
    And its really startig to get big now, isnt ? 😉
    Good luck.

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