Star Camera Company 10×12 – it’s arrived!

Well, after some research on, it turns out my new 10×12 is a Star Camera Company view camera. And it arrived, moments ago!

First impression: It’s huge. Dwarfs the Asanuma half plate:

New toy (2)...

It’s in fine condition, brass is tarnished but serviceable, and there appears to be no damage to the woodwork. The front rise operates on a tambour panel, and some of the slats need to be reglued. Okay. Needs new bellows. Fine. And one of the leaf springs is a little bent on the back. Easy. Glass is intact, has a lensboard. And three holders, all in good nick.

Even more impressive to me, and a complete surprise, is that this camera has front tilt! Who knew? Front rise/fall, front tilt, rear tilt, rear swings. Sounds good to me.

New toy...

New toy (3)...

Interestingly, the knobs are all aluminum, and fairly pristine. I guess aluminum was considered cutting edge in the ’30s.

I need to consider how much I want to polish this one up. There’s actually relatively little brass on this to clean up, so I’m tempted to leave it. The finish on the wood is clean and nice, so other than the tambour, I’m not sure much needs to be fixed. Sandeha will be providing me a new bellows for this one (red? blue? green? black?). And I have some film coming soon, too (thanks, Sanjay!). I want to shoot it. Now.


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