Star Camera Company 10×12 – more details

Okay, a few more details, complete with photos:

First, it’s too big for my Slik Master Classic:

This one’ll live on the Ries.

Second, in order to minimize the size of the extension bed, there are brass strips on the bed with little detents every few inches:

There are two locking tabs on the front standard, one on either side, that snap into the detents. The tabs are tightened against the strips then by means of knobs at the top of the standard. A little slower to set up, maybe, but makes this behemoth a little more compact.

The ground glass is gridded, and the grid is silk screened on:

And, a unique feature of this camera, the bottom of the back is angled:

I think this allows for back tilt when the rear box is moved forward a bit. Regardless, it keeps the camera from sitting upright.

As near as I can measure, the bellows aren’t tapered. I measure a slight difference (maybe 1/4″) between front and rear, but the bellows are in very poor shape, and I think this is just error. When they come out, a measurement of the frames will be more indicative. And the camera, without lens or holders, weighs in at 14.5 pounds, which, I think, isn’t bad for such a beast.

The removed bottom tambour panel is in clamps right now, tacking down some loose strips. The separated strip is staying off the panel for now…


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