Star Camera Company 10×12 – Provenance…

In a holding pattern on this project right now – too many other obligations, and frankly, there’s not much left to do until the new bellows get back. One thing, though, that I do want to get done is cleaning the ground glass, which is awfully dirty. The thick-lined red grid is coming off, likely with some form of solvent. Don’t think Windex’ll get it.

Anyway, at the bottom of the glass a previous owner scratched his (or her) name:

I’ve googled T.Peruche to no avail, but it is, nonetheless, kind of neat to have a name to attach to the provenance. I think I’m going to do my best to preserve the name during the scouring of the rest of the glass. Just ’cause.

Otherwise, I’ve sent the old bellows off to Wales. I’ve ordered (after an exhaustive local search) some mahogany leather dye for the handle. And I’ve made the first of several lensboards, mounting a Euryscop IV #3 which, at least preliminarily, covers the format. I plan on shooting a waterfall with this camera on it’s maiden voyage; I’ll be making a stop for the Euryscop soon. Going to have an 1/8″ aperture, which works out to about f/92. Should give me a decent waterfall exposure time with ISO400 film…


2 thoughts on “Star Camera Company 10×12 – Provenance…

  1. Well, there seems to be a family named Peruche from Homosassa, FL who have been there a while. Did the camera seem to come from that direction?

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