Star Camera Company 10×12 – Bellows finished! And ground glass musings…

I just received these photos from Sandeha Lynch.  The bellows for the 10×12 are completed, and will post tomorrow!

Big ol' bellows...

Shown here with a standard 6×6 bellows for scale:

Big and small...

I really couldn’t be happier with how these turned out. Sandeha says they’re as light as the originals, and compress as well. And I’ve heard murmurings that the post from Wales stateside is moving much faster these days – my fingers are crossed!

Now, the last thing to do on the camera, pre-bellows fitting, is to clean off the ground glass. Removed it today for a scrubbing. I’d used a little Windex on it before, and the grid lines smeared a bit. So, I decided to try some solvents today: VM&P naphtha, denatured alcohol, xylene, and lacquer thinner. Aside from removing a lot of grime from the glass, none of these solvents had any effect on the grid. I’m guessing that the ammonia in the window cleaner is what was dissolving the lines before. The glass is pretty clean now, and I’m leaning towards leaving it alone, and just finishing off the cleaning with a microfiber cloth. But I’m at a loss for what those grid lines are painted on with…

I decided I really didn’t like the heavy red lines on the glass. Washed it off with Windex. The original drawn grid is still faintly visible. Pencil would have washed off, so I’m not sure what the grid was drawn with, but it’s much less obtrusive than the red lines. And the name is still there. All’s good.


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