Asanuma project camera – happy endings…

I’ve been using the Asanuma for a while now. Today as well, as a matter of fact. Shot a still life with a 10″ f/5 Petzval this afternoon:

Seed pod...

The camera was at full draw, lighting was pretty poor, and the film was slow. But everything locked down tightly, the holder slid in and out precisely, and focus for this Petzval wide open was exactly where I’d placed it, confirming to me that the ground glass placement was exactly where it needed to be. I always sweat that, but I’m very pleased to see these results today.

The camera has proven itself to be a great performer. It’s intuitive to use, is rigid and robust, and the back works like a dream. I’d bought the project because I wanted a dedicated 4×5; that’s exactly what I ended up with, and I’m now shooting more 4×5 than I ever dreamed I would.


3 thoughts on “Asanuma project camera – happy endings…

  1. Very nice, and the “full frame” camera your working on looks nice too.

    Now you just need to clean the scanner….. 😉

    BTW, don’t see you too much over on NFF these days.

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