Seneca View 8×10 – Decisions, decisions…

Last week I came into a windfall buy of 10×12 FP4+, enough to keep me shooting for a long, long time. So, I’m feeling recommitted to the format, and want a lens with enough coverage to allow for some movements. Problem: No money. I’ve sold most all of the photographic chaff I had laying around. About the only thing left? The 8×10 Seneca View project camera. I know I’ll want an 8×10 again someday. I also know the 10×12 is an insane rig to carry around in the woods. But I don’t really feel like I have the luxury of maintaining both formats, even in project stages.

I also know the 8×10 would be worth so much more were it complete. But new bellows cost money, a new extension rail requires time I don’t seem to have. I fear I’m on the brink of forsaking this beautiful camera in pieces.

Decisions, decisions…


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