Asanuma project camera – rethinking the base…

I took an admiration photo of the Asanuma a few days ago:

Asanuma "4x5"

I’m excited about using it again, ready for a break from the 10×12. But whilst fondling it today, I became a little disheartened with the base plate which, to date, has worked flawlessly. I keep thinking of the Triple Victo rehab Sandeha did, and how wonderfully integrated his base design was. And I recalled a comment on an earlier post here by Paul – “A circle cutter on a drill press or using a small bit on a router (using the center hole/tripod mount as a pivot) would work as well.”

Well, I dug around:


Okay, the cutter is blunt, and burned, but still cuts. I’ll grind it tonight, and hone it up to the 8000 grit finish stone. I’ll find some wood, don’t care what right now, and plane it to a usable thickness. I’ll make the roundel to fit the camera, and glue that puppy in. No turning back. The camera needs to shed some weight; retrofitting a new base will just do it.

Stay tuned…


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