Asanuma project camera – planning the roundel…

Last night, I disassembled the former base plate from the Asanuma. Gingerly, I removed the chrome trim piece and guts of the metal spider in the base. The camera now has a 6″ hole in the bottom.

After grinding and honing the cutter on the fly cutter, I started planning the roundel. The opening in the base is 5-7/8″ diameter, with a 1/16″ x 1/16″ rabbet to hold the covering trim piece. Cutting a disk that diameter is no problem with the fly cutter; cutting a rabbet that size to mate the roundel with the camera, though, is. My rabbeting bit doesn’t cut that small a rabbet. After some consideration, I decided I will use the rabbeting bit and expand the existing rabbet in the camera bottom to 1/4″. Cutting a matching rabbet in the roundel won’t require any change to the router setup. A problem still exists, though: The roundel is thin enough that there won’t be enough depth for the bearing to ride on when cutting the roundel rabbet. To address this, I will use a thicker (say 5/8″) blank for the roundel, cut the rabbet, and then run the roundel through the planer to achieve the required thickness and profile. Should work. I’ve located a piece of walnut for the roundel, but am thinking cherry would be more appropriate, match the camera better, and compliment the cherry back. I need to check the relative movement characteristics of cherry and walnut, though I don’t expect either to be an issue in practice.

I’ll admit, though, that putting the router to the bottom of the camera is a daunting prospect. I’m planning on cutting a practice roundel first to confirm that this will work, and likely size it to fit the existing opening to check for perfect roundness, though measurements suggest it is in fact round. Once started, though, there’s no going back…



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