New toy! Indian self-casing 8×10…

On somewhat of a whim, I traded off the Grubb this week. I’d developed a strong desire for a new project, and me and the Grubb haven’t been getting along. Quite by chance, I happened into a fellow LF enthusiast who had a treasure trove of project 8×10 cameras. After some hemming and hawing, I decided on a presumably Indian-made 8×10, self-casing, and triple extension:

New toy!

New toy!

Even picked up some holders that, like the camera, need a little work, but will prove to be nice.

The camera seems solid enough, no featherweight, but nothing like the 10×12. The bellows may pass the flash test (have to try that yet), which would be a bonus. The gearing, front and rear, slips a bit on starting, but works fine otherwise (need to ponder on that). A little tightening here and there and it will be ready to shoot!

The only thing I have to decide is whether I want to refinish this one. I’m kind of thinking of stripping it down to bare wood, buying some mahogany TransTint, and hitting it with lacquer. Have to think on that, too…


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