Rajah 8×10 project camera – baby steps…

After a bit of research, I identified the camera as an Indian-made Rajah 8×10. Basically a Deardorff clone, the camera may have been made as recently as the mid-80s, though I suspect, given the condition, it’s a somewhat earlier.

I took some before pictures of the camera and started in to polishing. I’m thinking now that the camera will be completely parted-out, all the hardware (which is solid brass) will be polished, and I’ll darken the finish. My thought is that I’ll level the existing finish by scrubbing with solvent (alcohol or lacquer thinner, depending on what’s on it), then build up color coats with tinted finish. I’m going for a more traditional dark red. I’ve contacted Joe at Snakebite Leather to make a new strap; we’re discussing tooling options now. And the gearing will need to be sorted, but I’m thinking some shimming will do the trick.

A little progress. Polished the latch:
First polishing

Started polishing the lensboard retainer:

And I replaced the weird little wingnut on the front panel slide with a brass knurled nut:
Before pictures...


Baby steps, but progress nonetheless.


2 thoughts on “Rajah 8×10 project camera – baby steps…

  1. Hi,
    I write from Italy and I have terminated to restore a deardorff 8×10 but I don’t understand the correct operation to the deardorff sliding front lock nut.
    it’s possible to view the complete set? Inside, what are the other components?
    I have only the front lock.

    Thank You for the reply

    Best Regards


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