More from the 5D…

Some shots from the weekend, using the 5D:



These are shots I’d have previously shot on film, but no more.  The color shot would have been bracketed on Velvia, sent off for ever more expensive processing, then scanned poorly on my 4990.  Or, set up, set white levels on the 5D, and shoot a few shots to get exactly the composition and saturation I want.  Breeze-driven movement is no longer the bane it used to be.  The resulting file is printable with wonderful results.  To me, the compromises are worth the results.

The shot of Mindy leans on many logistical facets of using the 5D.  I can get to ground level easily, I can use lenses that I don’t have available in my LF/MF kit (in this case the Sigma 70-200/2.8), and again, the instant gratification factors into it.

This all isn’t to say I prefer digital over film.  I’m just seeing the benefits of each medium in a new light, and trying to use them efficiently.  I’ll continue with LF and film (a) for more considered shooting, and (b) when the mood to use the whole process strikes.


I can’t believe it COVERS!


I can't believe it COVERS!

I picked up a tiny lil’ lens a while back, a Scientific Lens Co. Wide Angle 8×10. At 144mm, I wanted it for shooting on 10×12. For reasons I can’t fathom, the teeny little thing actually covers the format! I wanted to try it out tonight (finally), so I sat the boy in front of it with the intent of using the exaggerated perspective. Too small for the Packard, I used the lens cap I made for the 4 second exposure. The boy was confused – had never seen that done…

10×12 FP4+ in HC-110 dilH.