Swapping projects…

Well, I found out that I don’t have time, or really desire, to do a full resto on a wooden field camera right now, so I sold the Rajah along to another rehabber. In it’s stead, in today’s mail, came this:





A circa-1950 Rolleiflex Automat X (K4/50). A brilliant milestone in engineering and workmanship.

Okay, it’s a little rough. I probably overpaid for it, but I’ve been doing leaf shutter work longer than LF work, and haven’t been into a TLR for a while, so it seemed like a good idea. On the work list:

  • Fix the shutter. Speeds are all over, and anything lower than 1/25 sticks. Escapement needs cleaning. Haven’t tried the self timer, but I’ll pull and clean that escapement, too.
  • Clean the glass. Hazy, but free of fungus or scratches. Should be fine.
  • Likely replace the mirror and screen. Old Rolleiflexes have notoriously dim screens; this one is no exception. This is rectified by replacing the first surface viewing mirror, and a new Fresnel screen improves usability by leaps. Will have to adjust focus after replacing the mirror and screen, though.
  • Repair the paint chips and new leathers. Have a new recipe to try for the paint, and have a new skin picked out already.
  • I’ve always found this kind of work relaxing, and this should be a good project. TLRs are reputed to be extremely difficult to work on. But that’s never stopped me.


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