Automat K4/50 – First roll/Scenes from the WWTP…

It’s always a little like Christmas when the first negatives from a camera rehab see the light of day. There’s a lot of anticipation, some nerves, and with any luck, a decent pay-off.

I loaded the K4/50 yesterday with some Acros and brought the camera to the wastewater treatment plant, where I spend the days largely behind a desk. While not a glamorous place by any stretch, there are some things to be found to point a TLR at.






The shots aren’t as razor-sharp as I’d been expecting, though. I’m attributing this to two things: A sticky shutter release button, and my own inability to handhold below 1/100 any more. The former I hope to rectify by removing the button, cleaning, polishing, and lubing it, and reinstalling. The latter, well, I’ll just have to be more conscious of my technique. And maybe load some ISO400 film.

My next roll of film will be a proper test – tripod, release, target, and a full running of the apertures. In other words, boring. I’m still undecided on a replacement screen, as well. Hmm…


One thought on “Automat K4/50 – First roll/Scenes from the WWTP…

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