Automat K4/50 in action…

Automat K4/50 in action...

Took my son to the Daniel Boone Homestead this weekend. Had the Automat loaded with 400 Tri-X. Side note – I HATE 400 films! Haven’t found one yet that I’m happy with in HC-110, and I’m not switching developers any time soon.

Anyway, this was a real-life test of the Automat, in the field. I found I do not like the waxed screen. It was suggested on APUG that the wax was applied too heavily, though I’m not sure how I’d apply it any more sparingly than I did. Moral of the story – I’m stripping the wax off. I’d rather go with the stock screen, cleaned with a clean mirror and viewing lens, than deal with the hot spot created by the wax.

Otherwise, this camera is a gem to use. Cranking is smooth and solid, shutter is good, and it lives up to its Rolleiflex heritage. New leather is ordered. This one will be finished soon.


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