Canon 70D, and lacrosse…

Well, weather and softball weren’t ag’in me today, and I got to try out the 70D shooting lacrosse. I am not a sports photographer (yet), but got a few nice shots.

Sunday lacrosse

Sunday lacrosse

Sunday lacrosse

Sunday lacrosse

Sunday lacrosse

The camera is amazing for this. AF locked on quickly, even with the ancient Sigma 70-200/2.8 I was using. Most were with a 2X TC, and everything worked, no errors. AF tracked well once locked, and the 7 FPS shooting, while sounding like a machine gun, caught everything I tried. I was shooting in aperture priority at f/8; next week, I think I may shoot wide open (f/5.6 with the TC) and see how it fares.

More importantly, I think I’m buying a monopod.



This whole LiveView thing is new to me. Kind of like composing on a ground glass, but not really. I like it, and there’s way more potential there than I know how to use as yet, but I’ll learn it.

Testing LiveView

The boy looks tired, doesn’t he? Up ’til 2:00 last night.

Canon 70D, 18-135 STM, LiveView.

Stepping up…



As much as I’ve enjoyed and exploited my 5D Mk. I, I’ve been wanting something more. And for once, I wanted something new. After selling off a very large part of my gear recently, I had enough to really splurge. Arrived last Friday – a new Canon 70D with the 18-135 STM. What a kit.

Unfortunately, I haven’t readlly had time to get to know it yet. Just some quick grab shots while thumbing through the guide. But the shots, such as this one of my daughter, show *so* much potential, it’s scary.

Stay tuned…

Scenes from a WWTP…

As some of you may know, I spend my days doing engineering work at a wastewater treatment plant rated to treat 28.5 million gallons of sewage per day. Not a glamorous position, but it’s an essential of modern life. So here I am.

A few weeks ago, I was needing to test out a Rolleiflex I was working on. Looking for something new to shoot test shots on (after the obligatory close focus, open aperture shots) I decided to bring the camera to work. It adds a new dimension to the day to take an outside lunch and walk around looking for subjects.

The Plant is old, and has accumulated detritus piled in every corner. There’s a delightful industrial quality about the place, with tricky lighting everywhere. It’s just plain fun. The Rolleiflex test shots were encouraging; I brought the Yashica-Mat to work yesterday for some more shooting. I present here some shots from those two outings.


Trickling Filter


Sludge heater...



Shop Bench



I plan on more of this shooting, and can feel that my eye for composing these shots is going to evolve as I go. But it’s been fun so far.

First shot…


First shot...

I’ve been working on another Rolleiflex, a “New” Standard (this one doesn’t have the Automat feature, but has a ruby window to start the first exposure). This camera was a basket case when I got it, and was sold as “not in usable condition – parts only!” There’s still some fettling to do, but the first results are promising.

Automat K4/50 – New skin…

After a slow start on the re-covering, I was able to finish installing the new leathers last night:

Rolleiflex Automat X (K4/50)

Rolleiflex Automat X (K4/50)

Rolleiflex Automat X (K4/50)

Rolleiflex Automat X (K4/50)

It’ll never be a shelf queen, but the leathers clean it up and make it nicely presentable. Everything is working well now, and as a last test, I ran a roll through last night. Nothing but quick grab shots, but this one turned out nicely:


The lens is sharp, the focus precise. Count this one finished.

Because I do this as a hobby, I’ll be selling this one shortly to fund future projects. Contact me if’n you’re looking for an affordable Rolleiflex.