A little serious…


A little serious...

Caught the boy after l;lacrosse a few days ago. Exercising the ~f/2.8 6-1/2″ Thompson (Darlot) Petzval on 4×5. Tricky lens to use, but lots of potential. And Braedan is a pro at sitting still.


New lens…

Picked up two new Petzvals today (grr – supposed to be here Wednesday). Mounted one – a Thompson 6″. Thompson was the Boston importer for Darlot, so this lens is like of that lineage. French regardless. I pulled the aperture (not sure why it was there, anyway), and the lens is about f/2.8. Makes focusing incredibly challenging – focus is in and out with the slightest movement of the bed.

Anyway, here are the first couple from this lens. I think there’s some potential here.