Uh, oh…

Uh, oh...

…it’s happened again!

Today’s mail brought a new toy, one that I’ve been wringing my hands nervously for for what seems like an eternity (thanks to UPS’ holiday snafu…): An Eastman View #2 8×10. In remarkable condition, the only real work to be dome is to loosen up the action of the pinions on the gear racks. And patch some holes in the bellows. But really, shootable as-is. And complete with a Voigtlaender 9-7/8″/7.7 Series III #5 Collinear lens (of which I know NOTHING). I’m down to my last four sheets of 8×10, and now need to sell something to buy more. Anyone needs a Series I Canon 5D (full frame!), drop me a line!


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