I never seem to learn…

Had an idea for a non-portrait today: Shoot one of my benches with a single shop light above. Seemed like a good idea, really. I’m still learning the Ektascan, and there’s scant info about reciprocity failure. What started as a 12 second exposure (metered) ended up as a 10 minute exposure in order to get the shadows under the bench near zone III.

Ektascan reciprocity failure...

Clearly pushing the limits of the film. Pulled the developing about 30% to bring the contrast down to something reasonable. Still, lots of flare, the and contrast is poor.

So, after spending several hours running through half a dozen sheets of Ektascan, changing developing times and exposures, I set up the 70D and shot this in about 30 seconds. Desaturate, upload, done. Some things are better suited to digital, a lesson I never seem to learn…

No reciprocity failure...


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