Ansco Speedex Special R…

Quite some time ago (more than a year, anyway), I sniped my way into a Speedex Special R. I’ve had dozens of these over the years. They’re fun to fix, fun to shoot, and produce wonderful results. I used to spend an awful lot of time fixing old cameras. A sickness, really. But it had been years since I’d worked on one of these. I contacted Sandeha and ordered a new bellows, knowing that the stock ones would be trash. Camera arrived. Not in stunning shape, a little corrosion on the metal, and the usual maladies – stuck focus, wonky rangefinder, loose coverings, and bad bellows.

Then I stalled. Decided it would take more attention than I would have to put into a flip camera. Everything went in the drawer. It all sat long enough that I eventually listed the bellows for sale, figuring the odds were against ever finishing the camera.

Well, no one bought the bellows, and I got to thinking about it again. Read some of my old threads about the work, and yesterday had a couple hours to play. Broke into the shutter, cleaned and adjusted the rangefinder, replaced the bellows. The camera’s now ready to load and test the focus. I remember now why I used to do this.

Ansco Speedex Special R//

I’m sure I’ll sell this someday, but not today. I have two kids interested in playing with it. My wife and I have a summer vaca planned, and I’m thinking about bringing the Speedex along with some Ektar just for kicks. And now I’m trolling for more projects.

Told you it was a sickness…


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