New Project – Seneca Improved View 8×10 v. 4…

For a long while I’ve been pondering a project. After a lot of internal debate and a fair bit of gear sell-off, I pulled the trigger. An excruciatingly long wait ensued but the mail lady dropped this off a few days ago:

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A Seneca Improved View 8×10, appears to be variant 4. The camera is in pretty good shape – wood seems sound, finish is good. Metalwork is tarnished but should clean up well. Lensboard retainers are missing but I have some ideas for that. Needs a new ground glass, easy enough. The back is a little odd, at some point the Seneca back was grafted onto a Korona back. I could split the two, but I’m a little worried about what I might find. I think a little minor surgery is advised in order to hone the fit as is. Bellows are ugly as dirt and a little short but they’re sound and will work for now.

Also included were five wooden holders. All need a little TLC, one has 5×7 inserts I need to remove somehow, one is missing one end flap, which should be easy enough to mill a replacement.

I’m stoked. And I’d forgotten how big these things are. Too used to 4×5…


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