Last Twin Valley day…


Last Twin Valley day...

My son had his last day with the spring lacrosse team, at a weekend tourney today. He played great – two goals, eight assists. Bring on summer travel!


End of Fall Lacrosse…





Today was the last fall 7/8 lax game. Finally. My son has been complaining about being on this team all fall – zero commitment from most of the rest of the team, lackluster performance with no desire to improve. It’s been a chore to get him to the games, but he gives his all, and that’s all I can ask.

Winter workouts start next week, and indoor winter lacrosse is in a couple weeks. Bring it!

Shots from today’s game, Canon 70D, Sigma 70-200/2.8 with a 2X TC.

Canon 70D, and lacrosse…

Well, weather and softball weren’t ag’in me today, and I got to try out the 70D shooting lacrosse. I am not a sports photographer (yet), but got a few nice shots.

Sunday lacrosse

Sunday lacrosse

Sunday lacrosse

Sunday lacrosse

Sunday lacrosse

The camera is amazing for this. AF locked on quickly, even with the ancient Sigma 70-200/2.8 I was using. Most were with a 2X TC, and everything worked, no errors. AF tracked well once locked, and the 7 FPS shooting, while sounding like a machine gun, caught everything I tried. I was shooting in aperture priority at f/8; next week, I think I may shoot wide open (f/5.6 with the TC) and see how it fares.

More importantly, I think I’m buying a monopod.

First batch from the new gear…


First batch from the new gear...

Today was a blowout (mostly). Our 7/8 lacrosse team lost badly to Warwick. Stopped keeping score in the second quarter. I won’t go into details and suppositions about *why* the game slid downhill (I have opinions, don’t worry), but I will show evidence of my most recent gear purchases: An older Sigma 70-200/2.8 HSM APO EX IF and a Sigma APO 2X teleconverter. This is all being used on the 5D (duh). The lens is a little slower than I’d hoped as far as the HSM focusing, but seemed to hit the target pretty well. It’s nice to have a 400/5.6 for shooting these games, and I plan on using the 70-200, sans TC, for softball this season.

Maybe our next game will go a little better…