Large format on the cheap!


Large format on the cheap!

Okay, while you can bottom feed with large format, it’s really not *cheap*. Usually. Lemme ‘splain: Years ago, Mark Sawyer published an article in View Camera about using dollar store magnifying glasses as objectives in LF. I immediately started looking for cheap glass. But everything I found was plastic, small, and had a secondary focal length diopter built into the lens. Didn’t seem like that would work, so I kept looking.

About a month ago, our local Ace had a sale on real, glass, single FL magnifying glasses. Three sizes, a dollar each. I bought one of each size. Mounted one for the 8×10 a couple days ago, but have no film. Tacked the midland length lens (which, turns out, is 7″ f/3.5) into a 4×5 board tonight, strapped a Packard to the front (literally – held on with a bunch of rubber bands) and aimed it at the boy.

I’m happy with what I got. And I’m a little disappointed – all those expensive lenses got very little on this’n. I’m reassessing my Magic Bullet chasing.


First batch from the new gear…


First batch from the new gear...

Today was a blowout (mostly). Our 7/8 lacrosse team lost badly to Warwick. Stopped keeping score in the second quarter. I won’t go into details and suppositions about *why* the game slid downhill (I have opinions, don’t worry), but I will show evidence of my most recent gear purchases: An older Sigma 70-200/2.8 HSM APO EX IF and a Sigma APO 2X teleconverter. This is all being used on the 5D (duh). The lens is a little slower than I’d hoped as far as the HSM focusing, but seemed to hit the target pretty well. It’s nice to have a 400/5.6 for shooting these games, and I plan on using the 70-200, sans TC, for softball this season.

Maybe our next game will go a little better…